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RoadTrip - or the start of the project

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RoadTrip - or the start of the project
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The trip took several days in January 2009. Sitting in my garage was the suspension from a C5 Corvette, a Pontiac GTO differential, a set of Corvette wheels, an LS-1 engine and a T56 transmission with wiring harness, plus all the parts necessary to replace the clutch and recondition the brakes. There was also a hydroboost setup from a Ford Mustang and a plethora of other small pieces. In addition, I had some sheetmetal for a TR250, including a new bonnet and a door.

The shell came from a friend who had it lying around. He's in Cincinnati, OH. I'm in Westchester, NY. The first leg of the trip saw me heading over to Cincy, via Granville (to look at some more parts). 

As you can see, it looked terrific Undecided
The trailer was a loaner, and performed sterling work for the next few days, covering the miles without any problems or drama. I loaded up the rest of the parts from the back of the truck and the trailer looked something like this as night was falling in Cincinnati.

So off I went into the gathering dusk, heading South to my next stop, Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Why Gulf Shores? Well I'd bought a Surrey Top from a chap down there, and I was detouring to pick it up. A Surrey top is a detachable hardtop - but with a difference. It is a two piece affair, and the center section can be removed and (optionally) replaced with a canvas softtop. They are quite rare, and considered very desireable. I'd been looking for one for a while, and was pointed to this one on the VTR website.

Midnight found me hitting the Alabama border, where I stopped for a few hours sleep. The next day had me heading south towards Gulf Shores. I reached there by lunchtime and collected the top. It was just as described, which was a great relief - and it all fit in the back of the truck, which given the price was even more of a relief.

Once I had the Surrey top safely stowed, it was time to head towards the destination, near San Antonio, Tx. This meant a trip along I-10 through Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. Another night with little sleep had me there by the following morning, unloading the 250 to it's new home.

It'll be here for a few months - having the suspension and drivetrain shoehorned in there, the bodywork fixed up and some paint. Safely delivered, it was time to have something to eat. When in Texas, one must eat BBQ, right...