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Going to see the Frame

Well it's been a long while since there was anything to report. For a variety of reasons, updates were few and far between and the project was way behind the original schedule. I had a couple of images to look at, but no real sense of how it was coming together.

Friday night in early December and I'm in the bar at Newark airport waiting for a late night flight to San Antonio. It's loud and the Guinness is overpriced. The inbound plane is coming in from Dallas and is the only one in the airport that's delayed (freak snow pretty much closed Dallas airport that day). My 8pm flight was 2 hours late taking off, and completely full - which meant three wide all the way down. I got to the hotel at 2am after enduring a lecture from the Hertz attendant about the $10k pos I rented having "only 159 miles on it, so I had to look after it because they'd be checking when it came back", and was in fine humour.

The free gourmet breakfast was overpriced for what you got, and the coffee was plain lousy. All in all I wasn't in the best of moods by the time I arrived at the shop.

That changed when I saw this

LS2 with FrontRunner in a custom frame 

I'd expected something decent, but the delays and the aggravation of getting down there had prepared me for disappointment. This, however, blew away my expectations by a country mile. I spent about 6 hours drooling.

Custom frame

There's still a few pieces that need to be finished. Some of the tabs have to be reinforced, the ends capped, and a different rear swaybar is being manufactured, but this gives you the idea of how it'll look. As you can see, the attention to detail is superb.

Custom A-arms 

All in all I came home on Saturday night in a much better mood than I flew down Friday.