TR250 V8

Modernizing a classic Triumph...

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Now there's a question I've been asking myself any number of times during this build. Most commonly when a large invoice came in...

I always liked Triumph motor cars. I have a modified stock engined TR6, and a modified TR8. I like them both in different ways, but both need more power. Stock is just sorta slow.

I built the TR6 with the intention of supercharging it - and spent a ton of money on it, what with the engine and driveline modifications, the uprated suspension, brakes and all the rest of the stuff that one can find spend money on on these things. It's a low compression engine that puts out a lot more hp than stock, and it's a really fun drive. The sticking point was when I went to get a quote for strapping on the supercharger, the fabrication and custom ECU work to get it all running right. $10k more on top of what I'd spent, for (no more than) 275hp, seemed like an awful lot of money for something that may still disappoint.

It was about then that the idea of building a custom conversion took hold. I was originally going to put an LS1 into a replacement stock frame (with a few upgrades) from a company on Long Island - RatCo - and then put a body over it all. After looking around at a few sites for people equally insane (Here for example) and seeing a few conversions, I was talked into the idea of having a custom frame built - with the intention being to address some of the shortcomings of the stock frame and allow a new v8 to fit into the stock body.

I was put in touch with a builder in Texas. A few (ok, more than a few) emails were exchanged and the genesis of an idea, where he'd build me a custom frame to fit under a stock-looking TR6 emerged, using the LS1 I already had and a lot of Corvette C5 parts I didn't yet posess.  

I then sorta stumbled into TR250 ownership. I was looking for a nice TR6 shell when during a drunken conversation with a couple of friends the idea of using a 250 rather than a 6 was mooted. Now the 250 is a prettier car, and when one of said friends mentioned that he happened to have a shell that he'd sell me for a reasonable price it seemed like kismet.

If I knew then what I know now, this would be a very different build.

For better or worse though it's underway...